Saturday, February 07, 2009

RIP-Lux Interior

I wasn't going to write an obit for the just deceased Lux Interior whom I discovered--like many folks from what I read on blogs--in INCREDIBLY STRANGE MUSIC. He was a collector, a packrat and a pop culture historian of the first rank...and oh, yeah, he made some pretty good music over several decades, too! Seen here is the first CRAMPS record I bought. He called it psychobilly, I always referred to it as surf punk. Easier to explain when you try to tell folks about it. Anyway, I wasn't going to note his passing because frankly, everywhere I looked people on the 'Net were already doing so. I decided to write something because I just wanted to ask if anyone else felt that Lux would be absolutely astounded by just how much coverage his passing is getting? Goes back to what I was saying before--if you like an artist's work, find them on the Web and tell them about it while they're still with us!

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  1. I have a limited base of knowledge on the Cramps, but did possess Bad Music for Bad People and A Date With Elvis on vinyl in the day. Enjoyed their music, but always more from a humorous point. Case in point,one of my favorites is "Kizmiaz". From a marketing point of view, people with no knowledge of the group, still wear shirts with their logo and images today. Obviously,influential to many for more than music. Rest in Peace Lux and sympathies to Poison Ivy.