Friday, September 14, 2007

Random Panels of Comic Book Weirdness # 9

Who knew that Froggie from OUR GANG invented Viagra way back when? Guess that would explain why that thing was always sticking up on Alfalfa's head (which is a mildly amusing line but note to Alfie fans--he's not in any of these issues)! And say, isn't that kid a bit young to be married? Let's not EVEN get into that gay reference! This panel is from the recently published Vol. 2 of Fantagraphics' WALT KELLY'S OUR GANG. Amazingly entertaining stuff--much more than the latter day OUR GANG shorts themselves-- but if you buy it, please note that the intro by one "Steve Thompson" is NOT from yours truly but rather my Okefenokee doppelganger who edits THE FORT MUDGE MOST. Hi, Steve!


  1. Steve - I would assume that this is a near if not complete copy of ads from the border radio stations of the 30s-40s (see John R. Brinkly and goat glands)