Monday, September 10, 2007

Linda Blair ( and Friends) in Oui--Fully Clothed!

Once again we return to that nigh-legendary 1982 issue of OUI which featured Linda Blair nude. Often overlooked because of that little fact is what is probably the best and most in-depth interview Linda has ever given. In it she expounds on philosophy, show-biz, her drug troubles, stalkers, horses, her childhood career as the Cinderella Girl and, of course, the making of THE EXORCIST. Here also are two more lesser seen (probably because she's clothed) photos of Linda from that issue. These were taken at a disco where OUI threw a party in honor of former Vanilla Fudge drummer Carmine Appice. Seen with Linda and Carmine is Raven De La Croix, a sometime actress and at the time the West Coast editor of Oui. The mudsharks are references to the infamous and perhaps apocryphal mudshark sex anecdote (which is usually told about Led Zeppelin but which Appice apparently claimed in a previous OUI interview). Linda has, as we know, gone on to be a champion of animal rescue (see Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation). Carmine Appice is one of the most respected drummers of rock history and has a modest little website of his own here: Carmine Appice - Intro. Raven De La Croix has had a spiritual rebirth and has a fascinating history told at her own website here: Rantings of a Madwoman

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