Monday, July 23, 2007

That Monster Times Issue

Wow! I knew that was a cool Sergio poster yesterday but it never occurred to me that it would get me a couple of plugs (Thanks John and Mark!) that would increase my visitors tenfold today! This has been my biggest day ever after nearly two years of blogging. To all of you new folks, welcome! I hope you've enjoyed your visit to my little pop culture space here on the web and that you'll drop by to visit us again. Nearly every single day we offer comics tidbits, vintage ads, movies that fell through the cracks, book reviews, biographical pieces, rare artwork, Christa Helm info and sixties music appreciation. We've even been known to present Linda Blair naked once or twice (which has led to the words "Linda Blair naked"being the search terms most associated with this blog!) Someone asked which issue of THE MONSTER TIMES featured that pic of the Aragones poster so I thought I'd scan that, too. It was number thirteen, this nifty SPIDER-MAN issue which also featured Dr. Phibes, the UFO TV series and the earliest report of what would prove to be DC's SHAZAM. The centerfold is also a very early John Byrne piece, a 2 page horror story with an EC-style ending.

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  1. 14 years later, Mark is Still sending readers over your way to see it. Thanks for this follow-up post. I knew it looked familiar, but i haven't dug those Monster Times issues out in a while. Now that you've pointed the way, i'm going to go reading.