Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fantastic Four-The OTHER Movie

I saw Chris Gore on G4 the other night co-hosting a preview of this week's bigger than big Comicon in San Diego and I was reminded of his late (but not really all that lamented) FILM THREAT magazine of the early nineties. One of the few mags promoting independent films at the time, it's covers hyped Traci Lords, Batman and Ren and Stimpy to get sales but then presented a number of more serious pieces inside (along with an often incredible amount of sub-NATIONAL LAMPOON "humor"). My favorite issue--and the only one I've kept--is this 1993 edition that cover-featured the brand spanking new FANTASTIC FOUR film that was supposedly about to be released. No less than 16 pages are devoted to the low-budget Marvel feature inside presenting detailed behind-the-scenes looks and info on the special effects. The picture, as most folks reading this probably know, was pulled from scheduled release at the last minute and "permanently" shelved. That said, I doubt if there's anyone who wanted to see it who hasn't by now through various sources including the Net. It isn't bad,a ctually. Obviously low-budget and some of the SPFX don't work that well but Alex Hyde-White is quite good (if a bit too young-looking in spite of the obviously fake white streaks in his hair). The rest of the cast looks great. I mean, seriously, Jessica Alba may be a babe but Sue is supposed to be a matriarchal figure...which she is here. Actor Robert Culp's son Joseph appears as Dr. Doom in a budget conscious suit of armor costume. I liked last year's FF movie but there were plot holes and continuity errors you could fly a Fantasticar through. This year's film fell victim to that "no money" thing we have going around here (unfortunately) but 1993's FANTASTIC FOUR will always hold a special place here at the Library. Don't get me started on that CAPTAIN AMERICA movie though!


  1. I would love to see Roger Corman's version of the Fantastic Four especially after watching the trailer and scenes on Youtube.

  2. I agree with you 100% about the '93 FF film. Sue looked and acted like Sue and the film gets an incredibly bad rap (my guess by a lot of people who never saw the movie, just saw the stills.)

    As for that "Captain America" film.... the only thing that prevents it from being crowned worse comic hero movie adaptation is that putrid thing called "Batman & Robin" (but it's a damn close second).

  3. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Ugh the Capt America movie was just a huge train wreck from frame one. I used to read Film Threat and totally remember having this issue floating around when it came out. Then of course the move never came out. But of course it pops up at every comic con ou there along with some other great shelved trainwrecks: Heat Vision and Jack, that Justice League TV show, and of course the that crap Star Wars holiday speical. Life Day my ass

  4. while i admit this film is BAD BAD BAD(there's a hole in the Thing's suit, and you see it on film for Aunt Petunia's sake!), i actually think its better than the 2005 film.

    there, i said it.