Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bob Phantom

Short on time after spending the last twenty-four hours in one way or another with Ha**y Po**er. Just a quick observation then: Isn't MLJ's 1940's character Bob Phantom the DUMBEST superhero of them all? I mean, yes, there's the dorky costume but that name! Bob? Seriously, WTF? Were all the good hero names already claimed?

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I find it IRONIC that someone who
    calls himself BookSteve should
    malign the good name of that sterling Golden Age super-hero,
    Bob Phantom! As for the "dorky"
    costume, I will have you know that
    BP used that fashion faux pas of
    a fighting uniform deliberately to
    cause many a criminal to fall down,
    laughing in agony at the ridiculous sight of a muscle man
    in a green cowl and vest, red cape, bare legs and arms, clunky brown boots and gloves, and...and...that antenna coming out of his ear.
    We, of the Bob Phantom Appreciation
    Society, put you, BookSteve, on notice! Watch what you say about
    our favorite superguy, or we will
    take great umbrage at any and all
    of your snide comments!
    "Hrrrruummpphh!" to you, sir!