Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hot Dogs

When it comes to food, nothing is more pop culturey than the good ol’ American Hot Dog. Here from 1968—and just in time for a summer cookout—is THE NEW HOT DOG COOKBOOK. Promising 250 new and exciting recipes, many are just variations on a theme. Some of the more unusual ones are:
German Beef and Hot Dog Soup
Hot Dog Aspic
Jellied Hot Dog Loaf
Hot Dog Chili Pie
Hot Dog and Yam Casserole
Hot Dog Jambalaya
Creole Dogs
Hot Dog and Liver Sausage Loaf
Hot Dog Succotash
Hot Dog Stuffed Onions
Hot Dogs in Herb Biscuits
Hot Dog Pizza Pie
Drunken Dogs
Hot Dogs and Baked Eggs in Sherry Sauce
Frankly, I think the author had far too much time on his hands that could’ve been perhaps better spent protesting the Vietnam War or practicing Free Love.
Here’s a vintage ad for the ARCHIE ANDREWS radio series, also, sponsered as it was by Swift’s Premium Franks, and Miss Veronica Lodge declaring her desire for weenies. Inlater years, hamburger loving Jughead would even have a dog named Hot Dog!

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