Sunday, June 10, 2007

Meet Monty Python

Here's a great TV cover of the gents from Monty Python by Daerick (INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE) Gross. Although I had seen a few clips of MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS more than a year earlier on a DEAN MARTIN summer replacement program that I'm too lazy to look up right now, the series first landed in Cincinnati in 1975, about the time it was actually ending in the UK. In those pre-Internet, pre-ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT and pre-E days, this review by Mary Wood was my only hint of what to expect. Mary was THE last word in television in Cincinnati, a surprisingly hip middle-aged woman who counted amongst her best friends Larry Hagman and Burgess Meredith (I wish I'd clipped out all her stories of the friendship and feud between those two Bohemians!). She lived down the street from me and as a child I would often trick-or-treat at her house. Even then she would tell us kids great stories. Anyway, Mary was hip enough to like Python so I was ready for 'em! She was, of course, correct. Recently, I even showed ten year old BookDave LIFE OF BRIAN. I figured the social and political humor would outweigh the naughty bits and strangely my wife agreed. Now he likes Monty Python, too!

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  1. Hey pallie, Monty Python on a Dinoreplacement show....never knew that before....always learnin' somethin' new.