Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two-Gun Kid Coloring Page

Here's a 1965 ad for a then-current issue of Marvel's western mainstay, THE TWO-GUN KID, that doubles as a coloring page! Every once in awhile in those early days of the Marvel Age of Comics, the company would run full color, full page ads for other comics only the artwork itself in those ads would be black and white. It was odd but I didn't spend a lot of time wondering what happened. Now with this one, however, where they're drawing attention to that very fact, I find myself wondering if these ads sometimes had to be done up well before the comic itself was colored and thus original uncolored art was used for the ads! Feel free to print and color this Dick Ayers page but I'm afraid I don't have the issue in question of ol' Two-Gun's book for comparison.

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