Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tropical Depression in Cincinnati Area!

'Ja miss me, kids? In case you haven't heard, there was what technically amounted to a tropical depression in the greater Cincinnati area on Sunday. Blew off roofs, knocked down trees and power lines and knocked out power to 90 freakin' percent of this area! A TROPICAL storm! Oh, this is all very biblical! I know it was alot worse for folks in Texas and elsewhere but you just never suspect you're gonna get 80 mile an hour winds through this area from a hurricane! Tornadoes sometimes but not TROPICAL STORMS!! And then when I reconnect with the online world, I find that Pink Floyd's Rick Wright has died, Gerry Rafferty (Baker Street) is still missing after disappearing from a hospital a month ago, Sarah Palin was NOT just a bad dream and my phone actually does still take messages even when it's out!

It's all been very surreal and a considerable amount of the area has not been as lucky as we have personally. Our power came back sooner than estimated. That first night, we sat up with Nintendo DS games listening to FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY on the battery-operated tape recorder while the full moon was the ONLY light outside. I had to drive to work at 5 AM but my wife's was cancelled and my boy still hasn't returned to school. The local grocery just reopened today and all of their frozen and refrigerated aisles were deserted. My boss's power is still out last I heard.

Losing my power on a dark and windy day reminded me of this image of THOR losing his power on a dark and windy day back in the sixties. Note how his hair doesn't blow at all. though. Must have been SOME hairspray!

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  1. Anonymous7:09 PM

    dang... we had some pretty good windage, but nothing like that-- glad you and the fambly are ok...
    'Pooch Cafe' (one of my favorite comic strips) has had a storyline about storm damage the last couple of weeks, so check it out if you need a smile