Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lois Lane's Hairstyles

Don't get me started on LOIS LANE. Even though I was a loyal reader of her DC comic back in the day (when she HAD a DC comic), I never quite GOT her. She was supposed to be a strong female character and yet was always falling out of windows, getting kidnapped and otherwise needing to be rescued by you-know-who. This, of course, kept the big guy a little too busy to deal with all of the alien invasions, escaped super-criminals, natural disasters and answering Jimmy Olsen's signal watch (what he was thinking when he gave the kid that thing I'll never know!). Bottom line, you can make the case that Supes had some severe psychosexual issues back in the Weisinger days. Her book, although essentially just another SUPERMAN title, was often a dressed-up romance comic only with somebody's really warped view of romance! One thing readers apparently cared about, however, was Lois' hairstyles. Here's a mid-sixties 80 PAGE GIANT page in which we can appreciate the great diversity of same.


  1. "Lois Lane's Teen-Age Romance With Superman" made my eyes bug out a little. I never heard of that one before. There's a story that couldn't be printed today, like the more famous Supergirl "I wish I could marry you but we're cousins" tale...

  2. P.S.: my favorite Lois hairstyle can be glimpsed fleetingly in this story.

  3. Anonymous9:45 AM

    In that Lois is a cavewoman story we read decades ago, Lois' hairdo makes her look like Bettie Page.

  4. Anonymous4:40 PM

    I never liked Lois-- she had too much of that "I am woman, hear me roar" BS going, when she was just one step above Barney Fife in the blow hard category and all it did was get her in trouble...