Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sand Shades and You

Here is a link to a website-in-progress for the movie SAND SHADES. This completely independent film, made by Manoshi Chitra Neogy, shows just how far this visionary filmmaker has come since her days as the villain in Christa Helm's virtually unreleased LET'S GO FOR BROKE in 1974 (seen here in her death scene in that film). Chitra is asking for investors to finish this very personal film--she's not looking for thousands of dollars each, mind you, just one dollar each and telling your friends about the opportunity to help complete and distribute this amazing looking visual poem. Even the website has great, dreamy music and poetry so crank it up when you check it out. If you've always wanted to help produce a movie, here's your chance to get in on the ground floor! Take a look at SAND SHADES--


  1. steve
    just saw your link....thanks so much...we are going to create magic. i am so glad you are in.


  2. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Hi, being an admirer of Chitra, I can't wait to see this film. Best of luck Chitra...

    Your student
    Avi > Darksensation :)