Monday, September 29, 2008

RIP-Peter Kastner

Certainly not as well known as Paul Newman but I've just learned of the September 18th death of Canadian actor Peter Kastner who, for one brief moment in the late sixties, seemed to be the next big thing that never was.
Sort of a low-rent Robert Morse, Kastner starred in Francis Ford Coppola's early film, YOU'RE A BIG BOY NOW and a short-lived but memorable TV series entitled THE UGLIEST GIRL IN TOWN in 1967. The film seen here (from the original pressbook here in the library's collection) is B.S. I LOVE YOU, a virtually unwatchable picture that would probably have been forgotten completely by now if not for the debut of a topless Joanna Cameron ("Oh Mighty Isis" indeed!).
Kastner had a small role in the early seventies PBS play, STEAMBATH with Bill Bixby and a briefly naked Valerie Perrine (a first for American TV?) and I'm not sure I've seen him since except in the ocassional airings of his films. I discovered him at an important point in my childhood, though, when I was discovering EVERYTHING and forming my tastes in movies and TV. Because of that, I've never forgotten him...even though I never really knew him. Rest in peace, peter.


  1. Did you know Peter Kastner could not only act, but was a good singer, too? In the early-to-mid sixties he co-hosted a CBC variety show called Time of Your Life. For a great clip of Peter singing Four Strong Winds, a classic folk song written by fellow Canadian Ian Tyson, check here: His singing partner for this clip is Michelle Finney, who does a wonderful job with the harmony.

  2. Anonymous6:14 PM

    And, if you go to YouTube and type in peterkastner you will see him singing a number of songs he wrote and performed in Boston and Toronto. One of my favorites is "Testosterone" which is animated by Jon Amitay. Enjoy.