Friday, November 23, 2007

Timing Issues

I am blessed with a great appreciation for timing and yet cursed with my own. This has caused a number of issues over the years but perhaps most ironically today. As I've been kicking myself over the last 24 hours about the timing of my car's breakdown yesterday, just before the first time in two decades that I've been able to get off the weekend of the Mid-Ohio Con off work, now we find the problem. The mechanic just called. It's the TIMING belt!!!! Sadly, reparing it takes up pretty much my whole paycheck that was direct deposited this morning!! And that's assuming they don't find something else as they work on it! On top of that, they still aren't sure they can have it done by tomorrow!!! A friend stayed with us last night for the holiday and she lives in Columbus. She's offered to drive us but I don't know. Let's see how today plays out!
UPDATE-11AM-Assuming that the nice folks at Car-X are correct in their diagnosis and estimate, a generous relative has agreed to cover the repair bill! A million thanks to her and to those of you who tippewd the blog over the last day. Now if they can just get it done today maybe we can get back to some pop culturey goodness around here instead of me whining! My stomach would appreciate that, also!


  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    i had a timing belt break on a car on DEC 31st 1989. I was on Kennelworth Ave./RT 295 leaving Washington D.C. just a few 100 yards from the Maryland state line.
    After my car died in the center of 3 lanes a taxi(!) stopped to help me and was going to give me a push to a nearby off-ramp.
    Before we re-entered our vehicles a speeding Firebird hit the taxi (a beefy Impala) and did a lot of damage to the Firebird's fibreglass but little damage to the taxi and it was Firebird's fault.
    While we were assessing that issue a speeding 18-Wheeler nearly killed all of us.
    Finally, i got push into a parking lot of a (closed) warehouse just off the exit ramp.
    I got hold a Tow Truck through my service but would have a 4 hour wait. AND the tow truck would not be able to bring me home.
    I was unable to find a ride from anyone until I decided to call my ex-GF and she willingly found me and waited for the tow truck with me.
    [I did say this was 31 DEC right?--well it was not snowing but after the accident a cold rain started.
    Thankfully i had blankets in the car).
    After the tow truck removed the car to a service station; my ex-GF bought me brunch.
    (I had left my part-time job at 0700. The bad part was I had Air Force duty at 1500! I had not yet slept.)
    I tried to get mercy from my boss and get the day off but he said NO.
    I rented a car and went to work.
    The broken timing belt caused my engine to be useless and it was soon after that I bought my once very-cool 1991 Isuzu Amigo!

    Timing Belts are important.

    Alan Bryan

  2. win, Alan.