Thursday, November 08, 2007

Christa Helm-The Website!

Just because you haven't read much here about Christa Helm lately does not mean that work has not dilligently continued on my Christa Helm Projects with author John O'Dowd and Christa's daughter, Nicole. In fact, when you consider that my involvement in this began when attempting to find info on an obscure movie that I never even saw, we've made a considerable amount of progress in the last two years! One result is the website whose header is seen here and which features an article format piece we wrote on Christa awhile back. The goal of the website is to generate more online publicity and interest and hopefully get more and more information about this continually fascinating woman, her tragic demise and her "lost" (more on that soon) movie, LET'S GO FOR BROKE. The site is still being tweaked but check it out and feel free to comment on it here. You can find it as a spin-off of John's Barbara Payton site here: The Unsolved Murder of 1970's Hollywood Starlet Christa Helm - Page 1 of 5


  1. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I just wrote about your post and work on this project on my blog:
    Looking forward to the book

    Tony C.

  2. Thanks, Tony! The more we get her name out ther, the more people we're coming across with info on her life, death and career.