Thursday, November 15, 2007

Badly Costumed Super Hero of the Week

Here's another superguywith a bad fashion sense from some forgotten forties comic.

Undoubtedly his garish costume came in handy swinging through the city at night. Not like it made him a target or anything. Hmmm....Maybe that's why he's forgotten. Oh and that landing doesn't look all that graceful. Did he not read his own narration?


  1. Anonymous10:50 PM

    His name is The Rainbow?
    Well that explains his multi-colored costume, but you think the
    designer could have worked a rainbow logo on the outfit, somewhere.
    I mean, you look at the guy and the first thing you think is the
    hero is obviously color-blind in
    an early Matt Murdock sort of way,
    but no doubt here that The Rainbow
    has one bad costume!
    As you keep spotlighting, not ALL
    The Golden Age was Golden!

  2. Well he at least looks better then the others that have been showcased here.