Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Jimmy Olsen Ad

In case you ever doubted that the reason that Superman's pal, Jimmy Olsen (as well as Lois Lane later on) got their own mags was because of the success of George Reeves' ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, here's the original DC ad for Jimmy's new book. Note the wording: "You've seen Jimmy on television..." Nuff Said! (OOPS! Sorry, Stan).Add Image

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  1. Anonymous10:27 PM

    What If! Batman and Robin got their
    own tv show in the 1950's instead
    of Superman?
    Would Alfred and Vicki Vale have gotten their own spin-off titles
    based on the popularity of the tv
    I know, sounds farfetched. But whoever thought that Jimmy Olsen
    and Lois Lane would receive their
    own comic titles that ran for many
    issues and years?
    And, when Jack Kirby came over from
    Marvel to DC, would he have taken
    over the Adventures of Alfred comic and revitalized it?
    Okay, time to leave Bizarro World!