Thursday, November 22, 2007

Car Troubles

Well, I had planned on getting an oil change tomorrow before driving to Columbus for Mid-Ohio Con this weekend BUT...on my way in to work this morning my car died! Going 60 on the interstate and it suddenly felt like a large wind hit it, then I started losing speed. It continued for nearly a mile before stopping cold going uphill on an exit ramp. Have no idea what it was as of yet since it happens to be Thanksgiving and the garage where I had to have it towed (for $110.00!) was, of course, closed. Sigh. I keep telling myself it would have been worse if this had happened halfway between here and Columbus on Saturday! As it is, I won't know until tomorrow how this affects our plans to attend Mid-Ohio Con but I'm hoping for the best. Payment for all of this, however, is coming out of my weekend gas and food money as well as the late bills money! Double sigh!

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  1. Anonymous2:45 AM

    Boy, that news stinks. Have you thought about joining AAA? I have the AAA Plus membership that covers up to 4 tows up to 100 miles (I live in the sticks, so I learned the 2 mile free tow with regular membership didn't work that well early on) among other things for around $100. Plus, it eliminates the hassle of trying to find someone who does towing, which can be problematic even if you have a phone book with you. But that's for another time. For the more immediate fire, I sent a few bucks your way. Hope that helps.

    Tony C.

  2. Anonymous7:41 AM

    State Farm charges me $3.40 each six months for towing insurance (they call it "emergency road service".)
    It has come in very handy more than once...

  3. Anonymous5:43 AM

    I hate having breakdowns and having to call, wait and pay the towing services. Well, can't do anything about it though, am a busy person and couldn't find the time to get that car maintained properly.