Monday, April 09, 2007

Julie Andrews

This past weekend, it seemed like every time I turned around, THE SOUND OF MUSIC was on. It just served to remind me of the wonderfulness that is Julie Andrews. Make fun of her if you will but from MY FAIR LADY and CAMELOT through MARY POPPINS, THE SOUND OF MUSIC. S.O.B. (where she's topless!), VICTOR, VICTORIA (a big favorite of mine) and more recently THE PRINCESS DIARIES films, Julie comes across as a genuinely nice, strong, secure woman with one helluva singing voice! She looks wistful in this early seventies publicity shot for a TV special but for 50 years now Julie has shared herself and her talents with us so thank you , ma'am! Like Pete and Dud used to say, the magic words are still "Julie Andrews."


  1. I love Julie Andrews! Did you ever read Mandy or the Last of the Really great whangdoodles?

  2. Anonymous8:46 AM

    How bout the movie 10, with her see-thru lingerie. I think she's hotter than Bo.

  3. Anonymous8:30 AM

    When I was a kid, Julie Andrews didn't do anything for me. I was
    more interested in the likes of
    Ann Margret, Raquel Welch, Stella
    Stevens, etc. (You get the idea.)
    Now that I am -ahem- a mature and
    experienced adult, I find Julie
    Andrews' evergreen beauty stunning
    and wonderful.