Saturday, April 07, 2007

1965 DC Subscription Ad

This one always made me feel sorry for the letterer. Remember these things were still being hand-lettered at the time!

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  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Let's see; a Kurt Schaffenberger
    Mr. Myxpytlk and a Murphy Anderson
    Superman...but who lettered it?
    Mike Tiefenbacher would know!
    I used to look at ads like this and
    dream. I was lucky to scrape twelve
    cents together to afford ONE DC
    comic. I looked at the list of titles and wondered how nice it would be to own all of them, or at
    least a few of them!
    And the ads that featured the comic
    covers drove me mad! What flights of fantasy and adventure lay beneath those tiny cover illos?
    So much intriguing material for a young, impoverished neo collector!
    But enthusiasm and ambition soon
    defeated poverty. I found ways of
    earning comic book money, mostly
    by digging through the couch cushions. Hey, if my dad chose to
    nap in his trousers, whatever slid
    out of his pockets became fair game!
    Then I started working for my parents' greenhouse business when
    I was thirteen, and there was no
    stopping me! I paid my high school
    tuition, bought my own books, paid
    for own lunch, and after school it
    was off to the supermarket to peruse the racks for shiny new comics which I could purchase in
    any quantity with my shiny new money!