Sunday, March 18, 2007

When Marlo Met Jenny

We all know I’m a big fan of THAT GIRL and Marlo Thomas. In 1970, however, my parents decided that, at 11, I was too young to see Marlo’s debut movie, JENNY, shot while THAT GIRL was still in production. When I finally saw it on television a few years later (after co-star Alan Alda had shot to stardom on M*A*S*H) I was quite disappointed. Set in New York City, JENNY is a slow-moving tale of a pregnant young woman who moves in with a young filmmaker who was a friend of the upcoming baby’s father. Hilarity does NOT ensue. Treated seriously, this attempt at recasting Marlo in a non-humorous role doesn’t really work because the material is so slight. Her strengths are downplayed and her style is so deadened here (so she doesn’t make the audience think of Ann Marie ) that the charismatic Alda walks away with the film. If you’re a fan of either star (or any of the interesting co-stars including Stephen-Mister Terrific-Strimpell or Charlotte-Mrs. Garrett-Rae)then by all means give this one a look but don’t be surprised if you find yourselves fast-forwarding through sections when you’re awake.

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