Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Unpublished Amazing Heroes Cartoon

This unpublished cartoon by myself was intended for an issue of AMAZING HEROES in the mid 1980's. As I recall, a previous issue had listed upcoming comics including some comic strip reprints from Blackthorne such as DICK TRACY Book 6, BETTY BOOP Book 3 and the erroneously advertised KERRY DRAKE BOOP Book 3. The latter obvious blooper made me laugh like crazy so I took pen in hand and drew up this mock cover of what KERRY DRAKE BOOP might look like. AMAZING HEROES was apparently not amused. So now, for all to see for the first time ever, is that piece. It would be another seventy or so issues before I would make my actual AH debut.


  1. Anonymous10:32 AM

    I still own nearly EVERY issue of Amazing Heroes.

    My fave part of the book was of course "The Silly Cover".

    Some were very funny.
    Some were just blah.

    I liked one that spoofed the first Crisis.
    Something like...
    and now in Crisis...
    New Bat Clothes!

    which issue is yours in?

    I haven't cracked open an Amazing Heroes in years.


  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

    I miss Amazing Heroes too.

    I had two "Silly Cover's" printed.
    I did a female version of Jonah Hex ("Johanna Hex")
    and an American Flagg spoof called "American Bagg"
    (a bag lady)

    hmm.... I wonder where I put that artwork...

    Richard J. Marcej