Friday, March 02, 2007

Strange Adventures Ad

Here's a nifty looking early ad for Julius Schwartz's STRANGE ADVENTURES (issue # 2 to be exact!). Note the rare use of author credits on the cover. Gardner Fox, of course, was a DC mainstay for decades as well as a sci-fi writer (and a western writer and a romance writer and...). Edmond Hamilton was a longtime sci-fi writer who would later create the Legion of Super-Heroes. Although not as well-known, David V. Reed was still writing Superman stories for DC in the seventies. Virgil Finlay was a truly legendary pulp illustrator. Not sure who the other gentleman is/was. Anyone? Note also the foreshadowing in the ad line "You'll thrill to the challenge of the unknown."


  1. Great old book. I'd like to actually find a copy and read it.

    H. L. Gold was a one time editor of Galaxy Science Fiction and wrote a book in the 1930's with L. Sprague de Camp.

  2. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Virgil Findlay! My favorite artist! You should do a column about him, Steve!

  3. Anonymous10:29 AM

    I'm fortunate to own a copy of this
    book and it is DC at its best!
    From editor Julius Schwartz to all
    the various top-notch talent he
    employed, THIS is the kind of title
    I'd like to see reprinted, be it
    Archives or Showcase Presents!
    But Strange Adventures doesn't have
    the "name" recognition of a DC super-hero, and the era is too early for a Showcase reprinting.
    Maybe Strange Adventures sometime
    regular sci-fi superguy Captain Comet would warrant a collection?
    Hey, I can dream!