Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Quote From Marvel's President

Proving that some people JUST DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!!

"This is the end of Steve Rogers, the meat and potatoes guy from 1941," Dan Buckley, president and publisher of publishing, Marvel Entertainment, told Reuters."But Captain America is a costume, and there are other people who could take it over. He is iconic, and we're continuing the comic books," he added. But he declined to speculate who could step into the hero's 66-year-old boots.


  1. This is a sad day for Steve Rogers as Captain America fans. I expect Bucky to wear the costume next.

  2. What's the point of all of this? Are Marvel and DC really that stuck for ideas, inspiration (and sales) that they have to kill off or retire a character every now and then for a tasty bit of coverage.

    I remember when they "fired" Cap the first time around (when I actually used to read comic books avidly), and when they "retired" Spider-man, "broke" Batman's back and "killed off" Superman.

    This bloodlust schtick is as blatant as the endless multiple covers Marvel used to whip out back in the early 90s (remember when X-Men #1 was issued with something like 6 different covers? ug!)

    Then again, perhaps I'd have a different opinion if I still read Marvel...:(

  3. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I was shocked at the prices for this issue on ebay.

    Last Wednesday I was in my local shop after 7:30PM. Bret closes at 8PM. 4 guys came in after I did all wanting CAPTAIN AMERICA 25.

    I don't think they cared about the book. I think they just wanted to sell it on eBay.

    Then I saw the report on the local news that night.
    Then I read the Initiative # 1
    [I wished I hadn't even bought the thing]
    In that book Ms. Marvel either lies or is speaking the truth and it's a book scheduling thing.
    Ms. Marvel tells Spider Woman that Cap Is NOT dead. That he is on ice somewhere healing.

    Marvel, have you no shame?

    Alan - JettBlackBerryX