Thursday, January 24, 2013

Support Better Things-Jeff Jones

Maria Cabardo has completed her long-awaited documentary on the late artist Jeffrey Catherine Jones and is now raising money for the final phases including distribution. Longtime readers may recall that Jones, a favorite artist for me for 40 years, reached out to me after I wrote about her work here on my blog. We exchanged a number of emails and I encouraged her to get on Facebook. She said others had done the same so she did. And until her passing a few years later, she was able to see just how much Jeff Jones meant to so many, many people. After I go my Mac, she would write me with Mac questions!

It looks to be a unique and fascinating film and I'd appreciate it if you'd consider contributing to it. Right now, with my funds so low, my contribution can only be to spread the word. Here's what Maria said on Facebook and a link to the site where you can help.

Hello everyone! The film is done, but I still need your help and support so I can find a good place that will distribute the film. Without further funding the things I need to do to secure releasing the film for public viewing might not happen. I failed at my last fundraising, and I'm hoping that this time, with your help it might be more successful. I've gotten this far running on deferred payments, its now time to pay those people who generously gave me their time, effort and talent to make this movie happen. Also, any extra money will go to the editing of a new Bonus DVD that features the cut footage of all the interviews. This alone is enough to turn this into another personal crusade for me. Check out:

And please tell your all your friends that I need help on this. Thanks so much. Again.

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