Sunday, January 20, 2013

***Contest Results***

We have a winner! Congrats to Christopher Mills from !! With an unprecedented amount of entries, the final choice for a free copy of Craig Yoe's new COMICS ABOUT CARTOONISTS book was made in a random drawing. All of the entries were placed in a bag and jumbled. The first one out was not the winner. The first one chosen TWICE was the winner!

Said winner has been contacted and his prize will be shipped out this week. Congratulations!

Each entry had to list their personal five favorite cartoonists. Here's the consensus!

1-Charles Schulz
2-Jack Kirby
3-Wallace Wood
4-Will Eisner
5-Basil Wolverton/Winsor McCay (tie)

Our winner's personal list was slightly different:

1-Al Williamson
2-Will Eisner
3-Wallace Wood
4-Rick Fletcher
5-Joe Staton

Other obvious choices who got multiple votes were Carl Barks, Berkeley Breathed, Gary Larson, Bill Watterson, Walt Kelly, EC Segar, Sergio Aragones, Ernie Bushmiller and Seve Ditko.

Some less obvious choices who got votes included Wayne Boring, Jess Fink, Gahan Wilson, Terry Moore (who would definitely be on MY list), Seth, Chris Ware, Bob Montana, Kim Deitch, Marie Severin, Charles Addams, George Herriman, Herge, Stan Sakai and Keith Knight.

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