Thursday, January 17, 2013

Metamorpho by Fred Hembeck

I don't normally promote eBay auctions, especially when they aren't my own, but here's a piece by the great humor artist Fred Hembeck, an early supported of BOOKSTEVE'S LIBRARY, that you can get bid on at:

I had recently posted on Facebook a TBG cover Fred had done about thirty-plus years ago that featured these same characters from METAMORPHO. Fred commented that he didn't like the way he had drawn them then and said that I had inspired him to tackle the cast yet anew. The above image is the result!

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  1. Anonymous2:20 AM

    The piece looks great. I'm a huge fan of Hembeck--he's hilarious, and a genuinely nice guy. I'm always browsing through my OMNIBUS that Image put out a few years back. Here's hoping that some day there will be enough material to fill a second!

    HERE is an article I wrote a while back detailing my personal experience with Fred and his work, if you or any of your readers are interested. (It features original sketches!)