Thursday, August 26, 2010

Leslie Hunter is Taking Commissions

If you've heard of Leslie Hunter at all it's probably from when I purchased some original art from her last Winter. If you have NOT heard of her it is your loss. I think she's quite impressive. She's never done a comic book (well, she has and it's a good one but it has yet to be published), she doesn't do cons and you won't find her works in a Heritage Auction. In fact, she is strictly a talented amateur but hey, that's how they described Mrs. Peel in THE AVENGERS and she's remembered quite well today!

Take a look at some of her works in various media. She has a natural design instinct, an obvious manga bent, a talent for utilizing color in unusual ways and a wonderful flair for the dramatic.

Leslie is now willing to take commissions for black and white or color pencil sketches at low, negotiable rates. I predict one day many people WILL have heard of her and having some originals in your collection will be a good thing. Leslie Hunter can be contacted directly at

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