Saturday, August 21, 2010

DC Comics Firsts in Plop!

The ever-vigilant Lisa M pointed me toward this particular issue of PLOP from 1974. While it may not look historically significant, It contains two items that may well be marking their very first appearances in a code-approved comic book!

Item # 1 is the Aragones-drawn bird seen here "giving the bird!"

Item # 2 is the use, in the letter partially seen here, of the term "orgasmic!"

They may seem like little things to you but if you know anything about the Comics Code Authority, you know how unlikely these two items really were!!!


  1. Alan K (see previous post) points out the term "beating off' appears also. Makes me wonder if the writer wasn't simply trying to sneak "dirty" terms in so he could tell his buddies and have a giggle.

  2. i didn't notice before but the bird also appears to be cursing so that just adds to it...

  3. That's great! The Code watchdogs obviously didn't think letter columns were worth scrutinising. Thanks for sharing that hidden gem with us.

  4. Never mind that reference to "beating off werewolves and vampires" in the same letter.