Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bucky Lives!

I was shocked and appalled when they decided to bring back Captain America's WWII era partner, Bucky...again...only this time for real! So much of Cap's self was tied up in the fact that he assumed the blame for Bucky's death. Survivor's guilt if you will. All those years of angst, nightmares, false hope, fake Buckys and even trying to "replace" Bucky with Rick Jones made Captain America the man he is. And then they go and bring Bucky back! And guess what? They do it well! Not sure whose idea it was initially but credit for pulling it off seems to lie fully with writer Ed Brubaker. If you haven't been reading Cap comics in recent years (and many may have quit when they "killed off" Cap) let me say I find them to be THE best mainstream comics currently being published. If you haven't been reading them you may not realize that Bucky is, in fact, now Captain America himself! And again, it works! Thank you, Mister Brubaker!


  1. Alas since I jumped off any and all Marvels about the time that Bucky turned back up as the Winter Soldier, I am assuming the decades I read comics (about 40 years) will now be dubbed the "Dead Bucky Era".

    Who is still dead these days? Uncle Ben? Mar-Vell?

    I keep hearing the Brubaker comics are neat, but I just don't have the desire to follow the comic book format much anymore. It's just too little bang for too much buck.

    Rip Off

  2. And it totally ruins the wonderfully succinct term, 'Bucky dead'.

    If even Bucky isn't Bucky dead, doesn't it denigrate the drama of losing a long running character? Won't people just assume that they'll come back in a couple of episodes?

    As cruel as it may sound, some characters just need to learn to stay dead.