Monday, May 17, 2010

Stefanie Powers

Another favorite from my youth is Ms. Stefanie Powers who was kind enough to answer a a letter from 13 year old me while appearing in summer stock in 1972. I first saw her in THE GIRL FROM U.N.C.L.E. in 1966 but she had already co-starred at that point with John Wayne in 1963's McCLINTOCK and appeared in dozens of other TV series and a few films. When her role as the Modesty Blaise knock-off, April Dancer, dried up, Stefanie went on to become the queen of series guest roles and TV movies through the mid-seventies. A much publicized (and not without controversy) relationship with veteran actor William Holden led to her becoming an animal and environmental activist and a charismatic teaming with old friend Robert Wagner led to her finally becoming a major star on TV's HART TO HART in the late 1970's.


  1. She is also one of my faves.... out of the 'starlette school' from the 60's.
    It was during that same summer stock season that I was working my third year with the Kenley Players in Dayton where she appeared. She was one of he few stars that played his circuit that I did not get to meet... except for one elevator ride we shared from the rooftop restaurant to the lobby of the Hotel where she was staying.

  2. I saw Stefanie Powers in the middle 1960's while stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii in a USO show, which also featured Julie Newmar.

    She recorded an album nine years ago, which received 10 five star reviews out of 13 reviews at I bought it after hearing the clips.

    That is her first and last album as far as I know.