Thursday, May 27, 2010

Classic TV Preservation Society

Over on Facebook, I've been named the Person of the Week by the Classic TV Preservation Society founded by BEWITCHED FOREVER author Herbie J. Pilato. I am, of course, humbled. I'm told I was even the first to present an acceptance speech.

That said, the Society is a worthy cause and is in the process of moving beyond the virtual confines of Facebook. Anyone interested in preserving the more positive aspects of our television heritage (you know, like TV LAND used to talk about but doesn't seem to prioritize anymore) should look up the Classic Television Preservation Society's page on Facebook. It's fun, informative, family friendly and nostalgic.


  1. Steve, have you got a link to that page? I'm not finding it doing a Facebook search.


  2. Actually, as of last night, they've opened their regular website also. It can be found at

    The Facebook page is

  3. 6/11/10 Steve, Do you know what happened to The CTPSociety? I can't find it on Facebook, nor does the link to the offical website work. Thanks.

  4. It was deactivated extremely suddenly a few days ago--the actual website as well as the Facebook page. No notice and little explanation of this evening the Facebook page has been restarted with a promise of the website returning and an actual real life headquarters soon!