Thursday, April 08, 2010

RIP-Malcolm McLaren

Love him or hate him (as i'm told many did) UK fashion and music entrepreneur Malcolm McLaren was extremely influential on music as we know it today. Perhaps most importantly, he was the man who gave us the Sex Pistols and they, for all their anti-establishment aura, made punk rock mainstream in music and society. He was also highly instrumental in the development of AntMusic which was briefly phenomenal in England as personified by Adam and the Ants. In fact, he took the original Ants away from Adam and rather controversially gave them a 14 year old girl to play with--Annabella Lwin. This, of course created the famous 1980's one hit wonder group, Bow Wow Wow, who happen to be the best of his groups in my opinion. Here's the somewhat forgotten second hit from Bow Wow Wow, DO YOU WANNA HOLD ME. Look for McLaren himself passing across the screen at 1:05.

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