Tuesday, April 06, 2010

RIP--Eddie Carroll

A little less than a year ago, it was my privilege to not only meet but perform onstage with Eddie Carroll who died today. He wasn't the biggest name in show business and his longtime schtick of professionally impersonating Jack Benny would seem to appeal to a niche market. What he was, though, was amazing! At last year's Cincinnati OTR Con, I was out in the parking lot picking up something I'd left in the car when I watched Bob Hastings and another gentleman get out of their car returning from lunch. I spoke with Bob--by now an old friend--as we walked into the hotel and never once did it occur to me that the other man was that year's guest of honor, Eddie Carroll. When Eddie Carroll put on those glasses and a suit, he also stood differently, moved differently, spoke differently and acted differently. It was like he put on Jack Benny!

Here's a shot I took of him myself, just before a rehearsal. The glasses are on but not the suit so he is NOT here in full Benny mode but still you can see it.

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