Saturday, July 19, 2008

What's Up With Me

Sorry for the lack of more substantial postings lately. Don't you hate it when real life gets in the way of blogging? I mean seriously...! Thought I'd offer a brief update of what's going on in my life these days.

First of all, yesterday we lost my 104 year old Aunt (and beloved grandmother of Rick from the blog On My Mind ). While that obviously will lead to an emotional week upcoming, my wife and I are also hoping the week plays out as planned and we are finally able to complete closing on the house we're selling this next Friday after two postponements. This should lead to our personal financial picture being stabilized for the first time in a decade! With my personal blood pressure and stress issues, this would definitely help!

I haven't seen THE DARK KNIGHT (or any other summer movies except IRON MAN) but this past week that darn stimulus check finally showed and I hope to use part of that to see it (and the rest for gas!).

On television, I'm watching absolutely nothing currently. On the 'Net, I try to keep up with old WKRP IN CINCINNATI episodes at Something Old, Nothing New, WHAT'S MY LINE clips on YOUTUBE and the odd TV rarities such as Woody Allen interviewing Billy Graham in 1969.

The Christa Helm piece is temporarily on hold but most definitely not dead. Within the past week alone, I have spoken to a couple of folks in connection with the project.
What am I reading currently? Well, I'm still wading through the massive but wondrous collection that is--for short--HEMBECK. Full review to come. I'm also finishing up THE ESSENTIAL IRON MAN vol. 3 with its wonderful George Tuska/Johnny Craig art and wondering now if tge pages are re-creations as has come out recently on the Web. Sigh. This week, I also started David Kaufman's no holds barred but still admiring new biography of DORIS DAY, ironically (someone went for the joke!) published by Virgin Publishing!

Add to all of that continued work stress, family issues and the fact that I've spent the past two weeks cat-sitting for two different friends and learning how to play YAHTZEE in 90 degree heat and you'll see I'm spreading myself a tad thin.

Oh, one more thing! Precious, our nearly ten year old dog that thinks he's still a pup, continues to survive and thrive after his cancer scare earlier this year.Here's a pic I literally just now snapped! Thanks again, MW!
Hope all of you are doing well out there. Stay tuned for much more pop goodness!

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  1. Anonymous9:23 PM

    I have the Woody Allen t.v. special that Billy Graham interview came from. That was the special that starred Candice Bergen and the commercials for Libby's vegetables that starred Tony Randall.

    Back in the late-1990s I was really into getting some old t.v. shows, like some of the Rod Serling t.v. plays and other specials and such. For example, I have a copy of the pilot Woody Allen did for t.v. called "The Laughmakers" that starred Alan Alda & Louise Lasser, which was about a comedy troupe, sort of like an improv group. I also have a few episodes of "No Soap, Radio", a Mad Magazine animated special, and an NBC Steve Martin special that included a few of the Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time-Players.

    Man, those were the days. Did a lot of searching, spent a lot of credit. :-)