Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Unusual Weather Event"

If I don't post anything else today, it will be because of the "unusual weather event" they're calling for here in Northern Kentucky. After a day of unseasonable warmth, a cold front is expected to push in with 80-100% chance of rain beginning overnight and higher winds. By tomorrow afternoon, they are calling for things to build up continually with us smack dab in a "moderate risk" zone. Torrential rains, lightning, hail and straight line winds gusting 50-60 MPH are expected, right now between 4 and 9 Sunday afternoon, finally clearing out as we get toward midnight. They are ALL treating this as potentially dangerous weather, not just a patch of bad weather. With my PTSD after the two basement floods and the recent Philippines disaster, I'm fighting panic attacks already. Think as many good thoughts as you can that we are spared the worst weather through here. Good vibrations always help! Thanx!


  1. In an incredibly surreal move, we were spared completely from all but the lightest rain. After an all-day lookout for projected apocalyptic weather and watching it cut a lethal path across neighboring states, it arrived finally just as scheduled here and the sirens went off and then...the skies cleared, the stars came out and the big bright full moon shone beautifully all night. Our peer got knocked out for a few hours but that was it. So weird.