Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Patsy and Hedy's Dreamdust-1966

This is ostensibly a column written in the Patsy and Hedy series by Patsy and Hedy. What it actually is is one of those "Hollywood gossip" features used as filler in comic books going all the way back ti the 1930's. 

Interesting to note it says that Sean Connery is finishing up ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE. Not true, of course. Considering the date, he would have been finishing YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE. Of course, George Lazenby ended up doing OHMSS two years later.

The 007 spoof CASINO ROYALE is also referenced, noting that Terence Stamp plays one of 3 Bonds opposite David Niven and Peter Sellers.  Only Terence Stamp isn't IN that film.  In 2013, however, he revealed he turned DOWN the actual 007 role after Connery walked out not long after this.

Then there's a nice piece on the still active in 2013 David "Ducky" McCallum and mention of the coming of the GIRL FROM U.N.C.L.E., misspelling Stefanie Powers' name.

Pause for a quick self-serving plug for Marvel cartoons.

Page 2 offers some speculation that Lt. Gerard might turn out to be the rap killer on THE FUGITIVE. Never happened.

A hint about Sonny and Cher's upcoming attempt at film stardom is followed by a non-news item about Elke Sommer who was everywhere in TV and movies at that time.

Hah! The Lovin' Spoonful--a bunch of Americans and a Canadian--are described as "six veddy meddy chaps from Beatle country" are said to be "knocking US audiences out." The Who are described as having "a nice melodic touch." Yep. That's the first thing I think of is their soft, lovely melodies.

The mention of Toni Wine reminds that she was indeed a songwriter before becoming known as "Betty AND Veronica" in the Archies records of a couple of years later.

The last page makes reference to the Rolling Stones' "soon-to-be-released movie, ONLY LOVER LEFT ALIVE." This was to have been a science-fiction film based on a 1964 novel by Dave Wallis. The Stones' management was to produce and the group to be paid a cool million to appear and sing new songs. Nicholas Ray was attached as director. Outside of what it says here about recording for the film, nothing ever came of the project but a  few press conferences.

That seems to be Marie Severin art on the fashions by the way.

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  1. The actor Terence COOPER was in the 1967 Casino Royale (he played a character called Cooper, who was also one of the Bonds) so they probably confused him with Terence Stamp. Whoever proofread this page should have gotten fired!