Monday, November 25, 2013

Comic Book Creator # 3 Now Available

I received my contributor copies today so I would expect that the 3rd great issue of COMIC BOOK CREATOR will be hitting stores this week or next and is available to order now at the link over in the right column.

Personally, I worked on the epic-length Neal Adams cover story, the Sean Howe interview and the piece on THE FIFTH BEATLE's Vivek Tiwary (who's all over the news lately including today on MSNBC and coming up soon on TODAY.

Other features creators this issue include Tom Yeates, Joshua Dysart, Earl Norem, Les Daniels and the always amazing Mark Waid (arguably the best comic book writer of the best few decades).

Add a lively letters column debate and Fred Hembeck's always welcome comics and it's definitely worth your attention if you're reading this blog!

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  1. Congrats, Steve! I look forward to an interesting issue.