Monday, November 04, 2013

Nostalgia Expo 2014

It's time to start planning your visit to the 2014 Nostalgia Expo! This is the 2nd year of the continuation of the former Cincinnati Old Time Radio and Nostalgia Convention. Next year it's returning to the wonderful hotel that has hosted it the past few years, and in which I attended several business meetings and seminars in over the years in connection with two different companies.

The word "Cincinnati" has been removed from the name and I know it's been discussed to possibly move it elsewhere to a more strategic location. If that happens, it will probably thrive for years but it won't be the same and, sadly, we won't be able to participate any longer. 

But 2014 promises to take the best of the past shows, lessons learned from last year's reboot and build on everything in all the best ways. Take a look at your calendar. Since 1988, these are the two days a year that I just would never miss.

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