Saturday, October 16, 2010

Houdini by Netzer/Austin-1976

Here, from late 1976's all magic issue of DC SUPERSTARS, is a one-page bio piece on Harry Houdini, written anonymously (Bob Rozakis maybe?) but with a slightly creepy single image shot of the great escape artist and magician himself drawn by our pal Mike Nasser (before he regenerated into Michael Netzer) with the inimitable Terry Austin.

***UPDATE: Checked with DC's former Answer Man and Mr. Rozakis says he was not the author. He suggests Bridwell, Levitz, Harris or Anthony Tollin as the next most likely suspects.


  1. When I informed Bob R that Carl Gafford was story editor for that issue, he checked with him and shares the following reply:

    "I wrote all the text features in the MAGIC ish, and pencilled the hand tricks for the magic features. Vinnie inked my pencils and Joe Letterese did whatever lettering we used, all on staff to save a buck. I colored the Flash reprint and Liz Berube colored the Zatanna reprint, using Tatjana's original coloring as a guide.

  2. Thank you. I've had this in a Houdini scrapbook of mine since 1977 and I never knew much about it. Now I do. :)