Monday, October 11, 2010


In lieu of a real job in this current mess we call an economy, I have taken to the world of freelancing--a world I like very much in spite of its uncertainties. The problem is that you get a gig and then before you even fulfill your part of the deal you have to be off soliciting for your next one.

What exactly am I doing? I'm currently proofreading an 800 page pop culture book. In recent weeks, I've been researching and ghostwriting on an exciting upcoming project. I've done more transcriptions recently also and am in the process of learning to do pronunciation proofing for a likely paying gig in that field sooner than later. I'm even working on a writing project of my own for which I have high hopes.

At this point, though, I've been paid for all of the projects I've done or am doing. If you are an author or publisher reading this and you need any of the above-mentioned or other behind-the-scenes work done soon, please contact me. I have hourly rates but I've found that most folks prefer to pay by the project and that's okay with me. References can be provided. If you read this blog, you KNOW I know my pop culture so if your project is about movies, TV, comics, radio or need Booksteve!

In the meantime, any donations you would care to make over on the right toward the continuance of this and/or my other blogs would, as always, be greatly appreciated! Especially until I get my next paying freelance job! Thanks in advance. Tomorrow, we will return to your regular fun pop stuff!

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