Monday, September 06, 2010

The Return of Mr Moto

After years of wanting to see this odd one-off redo of the 1930's Peter Lorre Mr Moto films, I finally did recently. While it isn't bad, it is kind of dull. Nice photography though in the rainy, snowy London of the mid-sixties. Brooklyn born Henry Silva, of Spanish/Italian descent, plays the Asian detective as a tall, cool Interpol agent. His Japanese background isn't mentioned at all nor are any stereotypical mannerisms affected until the character wears a disguise in the end of the film. The trailer here, however, refers to him as Chinese! Outside of a few spaghetti westerns, the Actor's Studio trained Silva usually played villains but here he gets his turn as a James Bond type. Logically envisioned as the first in a hit series, that would've depended on this one being a hit in the first place. It wasn't.

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