Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention 2010

I ended up having to skip last weekend's Cincinnati Comic Expo and I won't be going to this weekend's MID-ATLANTIC NOSTALGIA CONVENTION either but if you're reading this blog and you're anywhere near the Baltimore area YOU should! Prolific author Martin Grams, Jr is the brains behind this annual pop culture love fest. This year's guests do NOT include the announced Van Williams but I'm told that GILLIGAN'S ISLAND's Dawn Wells is already in town. Other guests include Will Hutchins who is always fun to see, LOST IN SPACE's Major West, Mark Goddard, THE INVADERS' Roy Thinnes (billed as his first signing in 20 years) and even "Fake Jan, " Geri Reischl, who has, with the rise of the Internet, become a cult figure in her own right! If you can get there and you can afford it, go! Take pictures, meet people you feel like you've known for decades and have a great time!

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