Monday, September 13, 2010

How Richie Rich Got Rich

Thanks to Lisa M.


  1. I sold Grit as a youth.

    Alas I never found the famous Richie Rich golden touch, Grit or otherwise.


    Rip Off

  2. I always saw those ads in my brother's comic books, but never actually SAW a copy of Grit. I wasn't sure it really existed. But I guess the previous commenter proves that it really did!

  3. I too suspected it didn't exist, despite my own flirtation with selling Christmas cards (in August) to earn my own Valuable Prizes.

    But check out the awesome 70s bike his little pal Gloria (??) has won, with the deep-Y handlebars and the big sissy bar on the back of the banana seat!

  4. I, too, considered this path to wealth as a lad. But you each bring up an incredibly valid point: who the heck exactly was subscribing to Grit?