Monday, September 06, 2010

Alice Cooper on Snoop Sisters

Rock Star Alice Cooper made one of his earliest appearances as an actor in this mid-seventies episode of THE SNOOP SISTERS, a fun fun mystery movie series that ran sadly only 4 episodes and a pilot over two seasons. Helen Hayes and Mildred Natwick were delightful as slightly ditzy little old lady mystery authors who constantly frustrated their police detective nephew by nit only getting involved in murders but solving them. This episode was set in the world of Satan-worshipping witch covens (never mind that witches don't even believe in Satan) and features fun performances by the great Joan Blondell and the flamboyant stage star Cyril Ritchard. Alice appears as the with head of a local coven in this one scene. He sings one song, then does some casual schtick.

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  1. I saw this episode when it aired. It was a great experience for an 11-year old Cooper fan!