Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Captain America Trailer-1990

In case anyone's forgotten, that's the late JD Salinger's boy Matt as Cap and he looks pretty good! At least until you realize those fleshy ears sticking out of the sides of his mask are rubber! As to the film itself, Cap is frozen in ice on his very first mission and by the time he awakens, the Red Skull--who, by the way, is Italian for some reason--has had plastic surgery and now looks like an ordinary guy with a scar. Our hero spends most of his time out of uniform and in the end, it's Ronny Cox's US president character that ends up saving the day rather than Cap!


  1. I can remember watching this way back when and really enjoying it...but, in retrospect....maybe not the best production of the year. HA!

  2. who is jd salinger?
    who is captain america?
    who is booksteve?