Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random Panels of Comic Book Weirdness # 32

I've always kind of felt sorry for Steve Trevor. Maybe that's because as a kid he was one of the first people, along with Steve Rogers of course, I ever heard of with my first name. He was dense, rash, obsessive, not the most romantic guy around (although he thought he was) and quite frankly I was never sure what WONDER WOMAN saw in him. As time went on he became a super hero, got amnesia, was killed, came back to life and was written in and out of WW's already conflicted continuity so much it'd make your head spin! What with Diana's thing about not being dominated by males, I always assumed (once I figured out what it meant anyway) that the pair never actually consummated their relationship. That said, here's a rather lecherous Andru/Esposito shot of Col Trevor in early 1968 engaging in the type of amusing double-entendre banter that one might find amongst longtime lovers. Note, again, however, his "Angel's" rather jaded looking response. Sigh. Poor Steve.


  1. It's like being in the room when Mom and Dad start getting frisky. Yick.

  2. Anonymous8:01 PM

    By 1968 I think Ross Andru was off
    the Wonder Woman book (to draw
    Superman in Action Comics and Superman AND Batman in World's Finest Comics) and Sturdy Irv Novick was filling in on The Amazon Princess until Mike Sekowsky arrived to do his WW loses her powers and turns into
    Emma Peel thing for awhile.
    But it still looks like Mike Esposito doing the inks!

    Sam Kujava

  3. You are, of course, correct, sir. Irv was a dependable craftsman going all the way back to THE SHIELD. I greatly enjoyed many of his BATMAN and FLASH stories in the seventies. GCD does credit Mr. Esposito with the inks and the panel I isolated here has a bit of an Andru style but it is clearly Irv Novick. As always, thanks for the correction.