Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gene Colan

The comics fans amongst my readers have no doubt noticed on the various blogs over the past couple of weeks the sad news that legendary Marvel artist Gene Colan has been having some very serious health issues. What you may not realize is that he is still very much with us and, in fact, has just reached out (along with his lovely wife Adrienne) to his fans and friends by joining FACEBOOK -Welcome to Facebook! Facebook. Ditko biographer Blake Bell has also set up the Gene Colan Appreciation Society there and a fund-raising drive is being coordinated by Clifford Meth at Everyone's Wrong and I'm Write. Hopefully Michael Netzer will forgive me for lifting his marvelous artistic tribute image. Also, from Gene's own site Gene "The Dean" Colan's Virtual Studio, seen here is a private commission Gene did just a year ago that may well be my all-time favorite piece of his art. Not a monster or superhero in sight. So if you guys are on Facebook and want to help us all rally 'round one of the greats, please do so. If not, join up! It doesn't cost you a dime to do that and at least share your appreciation with this unique comics craftsman.

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  1. It's there to be seen, Steve, which is exactly what you helped do. Thanks are in order, nothing to forgive. Gene is truly one of the understated giants of the medium, a one of a kind artist who bestowed dignity and grace on the comics.