Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Human Torch...and Bucky??!!

Marvel aficionados will recall that there was a very brief period in the 1950's when the company formerly known as Timely (and by then known as Atlas) attempted to revive their "big three" heroes, CAPTAIN AMERICA, SUB-MARINER and THE HUMAN TORCH. It wasn't a bad try but it was too early to take. Some pretty good early art from John Romita and Dick Ayers as well as the return of Subby and the Torch's original creators, Bill Everett and Carl Burgos. The stories (probably written by Stan Lee and possibly Larry Lieber) feature lots of commie bashing and even a few attempts (as here) to cash in on the horror boom! With all of this going on, I suppose no one could expect Stan the Man to remember who works with who, y'know? I mean, look at the bottom of this page. The Human Torch and BUCKY??!! Does Cap know about this?

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