Thursday, January 24, 2008

Coming in '65-Superman!

Here's proof that in those innocent days just prior to Batmania sweeping the nation, DC was heavily merchandising SUPERMAN in anticipation of a Supermania that never came. The 1950's George Reeves TV series continued to air in syndication, the Broadway flop was just around the corner and this ad gave a heads up as to some of the upcoming products. While said products were never amazingly popular at the time, you can undoubtedly find them today on EBay at premium prices.

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  1. Hiya, Booksteve...

    The items alluded to in that ad aren't necessarily sold for premium prices... Yes, the Aurora kits of Superman and Superboy are out of my particular price range, as are the Ben Cooper costumes and probably the Colorforms... but the Kenner stuff mentioned is their Give-A-Show Projector! Those, at least for me, have been very affordable (I just started collecting them around August, and already my collection includes almost all of the 1960s Give-A-Show sets). The coloring books are hit-and-miss, pricewise (since I don't collect them, I don't know what final prices are like) but they usually start out with a low starting bid.

    The only reason I know about most of this is that on my own blog, Jon's Random Acts of Geekery (at I have a recurring feature called "Found on eBay," in which I present photos of cool stuff that's been offered for sale there, usually sorted by the character presented -- I even have a variation, "Monster Mondays," which I post for Mondays, naturally, that's all about old monster movies and related merchandise! Plus, I've started posting pages from a Heroes World Catalog, and if I have photos of the items advertised, I'll include them in that post!